EMP: Easy Money Products

I recently came across Don Nobinger’s Easy Money Products program and thought I’d give it a try.  After all, what could be better than having everything written for me and getting specific instructions on what to do with it, right?  Well, we’ll see — I’m going to go through the program and let you know how I do.  It also came with Hybrid Money Machine as a bonus, so I’ll go ahead and review that as well.

Not particularly a good sign, although this could easily be a simple formatting error, but I just finished watching the “Welcome” video, which is just over 23 minutes long.  The bad thing is, the content in the video ends at about 6 and half minutes.  Not an abrupt ending, as if something went wrong during the upload or during my playback, but he wraps it up, says thank you for watching, and fades out … the remaining 15+ minutes is just blackness and static — which I watched the entirety of, just in case there was some “bonus” material hidden in it.  There wasn’t.

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