EMP: Finished Going Through the Course

As I mentioned earlier, I’m reviewing Don Nobinger’s Easy Money Products program.  First, let me say that I haven’t had a chance to even look at the bonus material yet.  But I have gone through a first viewing of all the included videos and perused the random e-book products that were included.

The PLR e-book material is fairly well written, is of decent length, and seems to be complete packages.  The videos in the course show an over-the-shoulder view of Don bundling several info products together to create a larger, higher value package.  This is good.  It’s a skill everyone who is interested in using PLR products can use. 

The style of the videos, however, leave a bit to be desired.  I understand that Don was trying to record a flow-of-consciousnesses while he generated one of these PLR bundles himself, but they are rambling and sometimes a bit boring, which then makes them hard to follow though the concepts and methods are easy to understand.  I think a bit of judicious editing would vastly improve them.  But then, they might be a bit too short to qualify as a “program” or “course” all on their own.

Further, there are no PDFs or other documents providing the course content in a written format.  Although I sort of understand that this would have been hard to do with the videos in their current condition, it’s what separates a training course from a how-to video.

But worse, the course doesn’t talk about traffic at all.  Without traffic, it doesn’t matter how good the final bundle, sales page, or one-time offer page is — if nobody sees it, you won’t make any sales.  Where conversely, it could be argued that with enough traffic you’ll sell something, regardless of how good your materials or offers are.  It’s a numbers game.  But as I said above, I haven’t looked at the bonus material yet.  Perhaps traffic is discussed there.

Now if the program videos had been edited and included transcriptions, and another couple of videos were added discussing how to get or build traffic for your newly-minted PLR bundles, this would be a shit-hot program.  But again, some of that info may be included in the bonus stuff … I’ll let you know as soon as I get a chance to review it.

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