Challenge 2010

The 30 Day Challenge has been renamed and completely reworked.  Starting this year, instead of 30 days of intense work, which some of us (okay, I mean me) have trouble doing around their Evil J.O.B. ®.  They’re simply calling it the Challenge and have built it into seven modules, each consisting of 7 30-minute lessons, with 7 days of rest or catch up between modules.  So, instead of 30 days, it’s going to run just over 3 months!  But it should be much easier to keep up.

Anyway, today is the beginning of Module 1.

Webserver Crashed

I’ve been told that last Thursday — a week ago, tomorrow — that the web server hosting this little blog crashed.  Apparently in such a spectacular way that it took the online backups on an adjacent drive with it.  They’ve moved all the hosted sites to a new web server and everyone apparently gets to start over from scratch.  Fortunately for me, I blog so infrequently it was only about 30 minutes worth of work to pull my few blog entries from Google cache and re-post them.  Others have not been so fortunate.

First Check from Clickbank

Cool, I got a nice surprise in the mailbox this afternoon:  a check from Clickbank for just over $40.  I know, that’s not alot.  But I find it very encouraging.  Especially since I’ve not done any actual marketing for about two years.  I’ve dabbled with setting things up, but have routinely dropped it before actually publishing anything.  So this was from sales on a very, very old campaign.  But now I’m encouraged, hiped, and want to do more … if nothing else, I’m sure I could easily tune those old sites to produce a few better results!

Social Marketing via the Belcher Method

I listened/watched Perry Belcher’s webinar, How To Finally Monetize Social Media, which I’ll call the Belcher Method.  There was a lot of good stuff in it, but I have some minor reservations.  I mean, there’s no denying that it has worked for him, and the basic concept seems sound, but now that it’s out of the bag … well I wonder how well it will continue to work, both for him and for others.