Reason #978 that the Corporate World sucks

Yes, I’m still working at a corporate job.  One that I’ve been mildly happy at — which is probably why I haven’t been putting as much energy into Internet Marketing as I probably could have.  I’m been working there for nearly 11 years and have weathered through several reorganizations and restructuring plans.  In fact, we just recently (last year) went through another one, in I was re-tasked from providing generalized IT support for the local computer room to being one of only two people providing specialized support for 8 sites in the North American region.  Although I live on the West coast, as does the other guy on the team, I’ve been assigned to support those on the East coast — no biggie, it just means my day starts and ends a bit earlier than most. 

Earlier this year, there was some discussion about consolidating the computing resources from all our scattered sites into two sites.  This would sort of make our (my team) lives easier, as we would only have two sites to manage, but there would be no change with dealing with the users, as they would still be scattered at the various locations.  When this was proposed back in February, we specifically asked how it would affect us personally, since our local compute infrastructure would be moved, would we have to move too?  We were told quite clearly that “No,” we wouldn’t have to move, “We currently support everything remotely, so this would not change, it doesn’t matter where we are today, and it won’t matter after consolidation.” 

Reasured, we’ve planned our lives accordingly. 

Unfortunately, it was all a lie.  I just found out today that we WILL have to transfer in order to remain employed. 

Happy eff-ing Thanksgiving.

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