The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Nice-Looking

Over the years, I’ve found myself on a few marketer’s mailing lists — okay, make that a lot of mailing lists — and I’ve found that you can learn a lot about an Internet Marketer by the offers they forward to their list.

I understand and accept that most Internet Marketers, regardless of what other niche’s they are marketing to, tend to also prey on fellow marketers.  Especially “newbies”.  Some of these products have good value, while others, not so much.

Lately, my inbox has been flooded with a variety of calls, offers, and incentives to sign up for a product called One Minute Commissions — no link here, if you must find it, it’s easy enough to find on Google.  These particular offers are easy to spot, as almost everyone one of them make appreciative, if somewhat sexist, references to the young lady featured in the sales video.  With a few notable exceptions, this product is being pushed by just about every list I’m a member of.

The marketers that aren’t pushing One Minute Commissions are those in the industry that I respect the most, such as Ed Dale, Dan Raine, and company from the Immediate Edge and The Challenge (formerly The 30 Day Challenge), Eric Holmlund, and a very few others. 

In fact, not only does Eric Holmlund not push the One Minute Commissions, he bought it and created a review of the product that I highly recommend watching.  Especially if you are already thinking about purchasing One Minute Commissions — as that old phrase goes: See this before you buy!

As for the other marketers who have been gleefully distributing One Minute Commissions associate links to their lists … I had recently decided to reduce the number of marketer lists that I follow and had been struggling with a way to determine who to keep and who to unsubscribe from.  Thanks to One Minute Commissions, I now have a yardstick for making those decisions and have already begun to cut down to just those that I trust most.

By the way, if you are interested in Internet Marketing and want to learn more about it, you could do far worse than reading Eric Holmlund’s training blog, Eric’s Tips, and subscribing to his newsletter, or signing up for and participating in The Challenge, an online, module based, training program.  They are both absolutely free and chock full of good information.

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